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Give Up Robot 2

[Total: 215   Average: 4.4/5]

Give Up Robot 2 is a sequel that doubles the fun and insanity compared to the first installment, with more levels and more available crazy escapades. This flash game offers the gamers an opportunity to swing, jump and grapple their way out of different puzzle-like surroundings, all while using jetpacks, conveyer belts, collecting coins, moving blocks, defeating bosses and much more. Give Up Robot 2 offers 60 stages in Normal mode and 12 additional stages in Hard mode, with 3 different worlds to explore. Each of the stages is short, so all the players must do is ensure safe passage for the 8-bit robot in their command from one stage to the next. Which can get tricky.

The controls in Give Up Robot 2 are standard, as the players use the “Left and Right” arrows to move around, while “X and S” or the “Up” arrow are used for the robot to jump. A special treat in this game is the entertaining grappling hook the robot acquires when the players press “A or Z” to fire, release to let it go and then adjust the swing of the hook with Left and Right arrows and the height with Up and Down arrows, all for amusing results. Jetpacks make a delightful appearance, and when collected, they can be used through the jump commands, although the players must remember that one jetpack can be fired only three times. The graphics are far from impressive, but for an addictive game like this, the lack of extraordinary graphics is not an obstacle to having fun.

In game Give Up Robot 2, creativity is key as players often must think outside of the box in order to move to the next stage. Lasers, rockets, electrified blocks may present obstacles, but can also be used to your advantage, if you only use your imagination (and, usually, the grappling hook). Although the name of the game implies you might consider giving up the best option, those that preserve will be in for a real gaming treat.

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